Dr. Scheerer and her team of enthusiastic researchers aim to better understand how the brain processes sensory information (e.g. sounds, sights, etc.) and how differences in the processing of sensory information may influence speech production, language development, and social functioning more broadly.

The Cognisant Lab focuses on studying children and adults with and without neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g. autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). The Cognisant Lab also aims to partner with autistic people to help tackle important issues facing this community from a scientific lens. For example, recent work has aimed to reduce stigma against autistic people through an educational intervention. Ongoing work aims to better understand the obstacles parents and (potentially) autistic adults face as they attempt to obtain an autism diagnosis (for their child or themselves).

Current Studies:

The Cognisant Lab is dedicated to improving the autism diagnosis experience, aiming to assist both parents seeking a diagnosis for their child and adults seeking a diagnosis for themselves. Currently, numerous obstacles hinder these individuals. As part of our research, we seek to gain deeper insights into these barriers in order to provide valuable information to families, adults, professionals, and policymakers.

If you have obtained an autism diagnosis, faced challenges in obtaining one, or are currently navigating the process, we would greatly appreciate hearing about your experience.

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Autism pathways - (PARENT)
Autism pathways - (ADULT)

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