Lab Alumni

Abel Christian

Abel is finishing up his fourth and final year at Wilfrid Laurier University as an Honours Bachelor of Arts student in pursuing a degree in psychology. Abel has always had a fascination with the human brain and have had a desire to pursue a career in healthcare, providing help and comfort to individuals who have neurological disorders. He is aspiring to pursue a career in healthcare and also hope to pursue a Masters Degree in Psychology in the long term.

Jaclyn Young

In Fall 2023, Jaclyn will be starting her 4th year at Laurier in the Honours Psychology and Neuroscience program. She was eager to be involved with the Cognisant Lab as it intrigued her interests and aligns with her degree. In the 2023-24 academic year, she will be completing an honours undergraduate thesis with Dr. Nathan Insel. Jaclyn enjoys her coffee and spending time with her friends (especially her bunny, Pepper).

Research interests: environmental risk factors and development of mental illnesses, differences in cortical organization and how this variation translates into differences in behaviour in both people and animals

Japneet Shah

While at Laurier, Japneet completed a BSc in Psychology with a Minor in Biology. Japneet has the intent to pursue graduate studies one day. Japneet is currently focusing on research in developmental psychology and hopes to gain more experience in clinical psychology to potentially pursue a doctoral degree.