May 31 Science Discovery Day

Science Discovery Day: May 31st PD Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrainWorx? What will my child be doing?

Science Discovery Day is a full-day PD Day experience which takes place in the Wilfrid Laurier University Science Building on May 31st. On this day, young scientists will have the opportunity to participate in research experiences while learning about the brain and body. Children will get to explore psychology labs, participate in a science-related scavenger hunt, engage in special workshops, and engage with their peers.

Can you tell me more about the research component of BrainWorx?

For the research component, we will ask you to read and fill out an informed consent form, which will provide you with additional details about any potential studies your child may be asked to participate in. We will also ask you to fill out some questionnaires about your child. While the research component is not required, the research studies are structured as games, and are quite fun for the children. If at any point your child is not having fun completing the research component, they will be returned to the main camp room.

What are the age groups at BrainWorx?

5-12 years old.

How do I register?

To register, email BrainWorxLaurier[at], and you will be sent the registration survey.
Once you have completed the registration survey, a member of our BrainWorx organization team will reach out to you with the payment link to secure your BrainWorx Science Discovery Day registration.

Do you provide before- and after-camp care?

Yes. We provide before-camp care from 8-9am, and after-camp care from 4-5pm. The before-camp care is $5, and the after-camp care is $5. If you require both before- and after-camp care, this is $10 total in addition to regular registration fees.

Will meals be provided?

Meals will not be provided by BrainWorx. We will have designated lunch and snack times where kids can eat food that is brought from home. Please note that any food brought from home must be peanut-free, as Wilfrid Laurier University is a peanut-free facility.

Does BrainWorx provide inclusion support? / Does BrainWorx accept inclusion support?

BrainWorx staff cannot provide 1:1 inclusion support as a part of the programming. We happily accept inclusion support that is brought to BrainWorx with the child. Our registration form will ask if your child will have an inclusion support helper with them at BrainWorx, and ask for more information about this person. Information on inclusion support will be discussed with the organizers on a case-to-case basis to ensure that the child receives the support that they need.

What should my child bring to BrainWorx Science Discovery Day?

Here is a list of items that we recommend bringing to a day at BrainWorx: Peanut-free lunch, Peanut-free snacks, Bottle of water, Running shoes, Any medications or assistive devices.